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Mother Brought to Tears Describing Constant Discrimination Her Daughter Faced from Basketball Coach

Lincoln High School girls varsity basketball team will play the remaining of the season without their head coach Ashley Stewart. The head coach was benched after a student, Tianna Miller, accused her of racial discrimination.

Miller told KGW8 News her coach would treat her differently from her white teammates because of her race. Miller said on several occasions her coach would make racially insensitive comments to her. The Lincoln High student recalled one of the incidents, “Before practice, I was putting lotion on and she was like, ‘oh you’re putting on lotion’, and I said, ‘yeah I’m ashy,’ and she said, ‘black people get ashy.'” Miller said it didn’t stop there, she added that the coach took a photo of a boy selling chips on a street corner and asked the team in a group message if that’s Miller’s little brother.

Miller’s mother said the school failed her daughter and she thinks, “there’s a lot of work to do at Lincoln High School.”

Allegations of racism are nothing new to Lincoln High. Two years ago the boys’ basketball coach was briefly suspended for telling the white players they were afraid of Black players.

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