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Sagging Pants Could Become Illegal in South Carolina


Photo Credit: Mike Kemp

Usually, fathers are the ones telling their sons to pull up their pants, but this time it’s law officials. South Carolina lawmakers have recently presented a new bill to legally ban a person from sagging in the state.

The House Bill 4957 if passed, will issue fines to those who “wear pants sagging more than three inches below his ileum,” according to WISTV 10. The ileum is the small intestine extending from the large intestine, just a little below the belly button.

The bill states that first-time offenders will receive a fine of $25, second-time offenders will pay $50 and/or serve a maximum of three hours of community service, and third offenders will be obligated to pay $75 and/or serve a maximum of six hours of community service. If passed, the new law could affect college students possibly having their financial aid or scholarships denied or revoked.

South Carolina Representative Wendell Gilliard, a Black Democrat, made it his priority to mention the participation of all various racial groups. He told Yahoo Lifestyle, “Pants should be worn at the waist as a matter of decency and respect… This is a fad from the music industry and kids of all races participate.”

However, others have mixed emotions about the introduced House bill and feel leaders have their priorities in the wrong place.

An ordinance was already passed July 2016 in Timmonsville, SC issuing a verbal warning to first-time violators and a written citation for other offenders. The fines range from $100 to $600.

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