Jesse Williams Explains Why He Calls Fox News ‘Trash’

Jesse Williams isn’t all that stunned by the remarks a Fox News host made about LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The political activist and actor explained on “The Angie Martinez Show” that Laura Ingraham telling the ballers to “shut up and dribble,” “didn’t really stand out to me,” which surprised Martinez.

“Horrible trash people have been saying that to Black people forever,” he says. “It should be dealt with, it shouldn’t be ignored. … But it just wasn’t alarming to me. It’s Fox News. They are trash. They consistently figure out ways to tell Black and brown people to shut up and get out of our way and let us keep walking all over you. She’s doing the same thing to [Colin] Kaepernick, or they did it to me after the speech. … And it’s uncreative and it’s inaccurate.”

He went on to list the other conservative-leaning celebrities — like Ted Nugent and Kid Rock — who have appeared on Fox News to share their “expert opinions on foreign policy.”

“They have certified morons on their network sharing their opinions on ISIS,” he continues. “They’ve got the ‘Duck Dynasty’ guy talking about ISIS. He can’t spell ISIS and there’s [sic] only four letters in it. So they don’t have any credibility.”

He concluded that strangers don’t hurt his feelings, only a loved one who says something negative could.

“You’re trash, I expect you to do trash things,” he says of Fox.

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