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Report: Trump Wants to Make Selling Illegal Drugs Punishable By Death

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Donald Trump has previously promised to lower the price of prescription drugs. (Gage Skidmore)

A new report suggests Donald Trump is a fan of the way drug selling is handled in Singapore and he wants to make it a law stateside.

The Asian nation makes the death penalty mandatory for drug trafficking and sources have told Axios the President brings it up often.

“He says that a lot,” a source told the website. “He says, ‘When I ask the prime minister of Singapore do they have a drug problem [the prime minister replies,] ‘No. Death penalty.'”

The report adds that five sources Axios spoke to said Trump “often leaps into a passionate speech about how drug dealers are as bad as serial killers and should all get the death penalty.”

Additionally, the insiders claim, the Commander-in-Chief “would love to have a law to execute all drug dealers here in America, though he’s privately admitted it would probably be impossible to get a law this harsh passed under the American system.”

In the future, the report claims, policies that clamp down on drug traffickers and pharmaceutical companies are coming — and soon. There are also apparently discussions underway about whether or not the administration may utilize portions of Singapore’s drug laws, including pushing more anti-drug lessons in schools.

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