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Former Military Vet Takes Less Than 3 Minutes to Tear Apart Trump’s Plan to Arm Teachers

In a matter of minutes and with very little effort, former Naval intelligence officer Malcolm Nance explained why President Donald Trump’s call to arm teachers in the aftermath of the deadly Florida school shooting is so dangerous.

During an appearance on “MSNBC Live” with host Stephanie Ruhle, Nance cited his own military training to illustrate how specialized military training is needed to override basic survival skills when faced with an active shooter situation.

“You have to be trained to want to get up and go into fire, that’s what the armed forces does for you,” he said Monday. “I went through SWAT officer training when I got out of the military, and the first thing they do is they teach you is to really lock up and then move in on a target. That’s what active shooter training is for in law enforcement. But if you’re not really trained, you’re not proficient.”

“It’s not like in the movies,” Nance added. “The movies have nothing to do with reality. You’re putting yourself where you can be killed.”

Ruhle noted that mass shooters are often armed with military-style assault weapons, putting teachers with nothing but a concealed handgun at a severe disadvantage. Nance agreed.

“If you’ve got a handgun and that’s all the tool you have, you have to be extremely well trained to go out and engage someone who has a fully automatic or semiautomatic weapon,” he said, again noting that movies do not accurately depict a real-life gunfight.

Nance also highlighted the danger posed to teachers when confronted by law enforcement officials in the rare case they survive a shootout with an active gunman.

“If you are a teacher who thinks you’re doing a defensive, you know, pose and protect a student, law enforcement will just assume you’re the shooter,” he explained. “If we start introducing five, 10 guns into that school, the complexity of target identification and clearance and knowing whether that individual is safe or whether they’re actually complicit and waiting for you to turn your back, it’s absolutely mind-boggling.”

Watch the rest of their discussion above.

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