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Biracial Child Breaks Down Into Tears After Learning He’s Not 100% Black

‘Black Panther’ is having a major impact on people and that includes a biracial child who goes by the screen name “Super Duper CamCam.” The little boy was filled with tears after telling his mom in the video he wanted to be “all Black”.

Cameron G. (Super Duper Cam Cam) is upset because he’s not 100% Black and assumes he’s white. His mom explains to him in the video that he’s Black, Mexican, and Filipino, but going off of Cam’s reaction he is not trying to hear that.

In the video his mom tells him that he’s half of his dad who’s Black and Cam blurts out, “That means I’m white!” The little boy breaks down into tears when his mom asked him why he’s so upset and he replies, “I want to be all Black!”

Things continue to go downhill when  Cam asked how, “How much half Black Am I?” When his mother replied “50 percent”, the little boy was over the news.

The Instagram video has been going viral all over the web and celebs Snoop Dogg, D.L. Hughley, and Rihanna have shared it on their social media.


RiRi commented on the video expressing that she too can relate and has been in Cam’s shoes before. “OMG this was meeeee and @Gallest always wanted to be white!”


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