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Colorado Bar Under Fire for Physically Removing Black Patrons from Business Over a Song Request

Black Lives Matter activist group in Grand Junction, Colorado plans on boycotting Quincy’s Bar after a recent racist incident and will not stop action until all of their demands are met.

Local resident Jennifer Vargas said she was a victim of racist taunting and physical harm as a bouncer of Quincy’s Bar shoved and spewed racial slurs at her early Sunday morning.

“One of them reached out and just shoved me,” Vargas said. “I asked him why are you touching me? He said “Get the f*** out of here you Black b****”, she told KJCT8 News and added that she and her friends were chased outside by three of the bouncers.

Vargas relayed that she goes there sometimes to “listen to music”, but this particular night she asked the DJ to play a specific song.

According to a police report by Grand Junction Police Department, the DJ objected to the play the song because it was to be associated with the Black Panthers and asked Vargas and her friends to leave. The women did not reveal to local reporters which song set the DJ off. A security guard told police officials he thought it was unfair that Blacks can bring up race as an issue, but white people can’t.

The owner of the local Bar Tia O’Neil indicated that Vargas “got really out of control started making a scene she was removed” adding that there is “absolutely zero tolerance for any violence.”

The victim reveals that she is a part Black Lives Matter Grand Junction chapter and this isn’t the first racial incident that’s happened at the bar. BLM is claiming Quincy’s didn’t permit their co-founder inside the bar one night because he was wearing a BLM t-shirt. They also say management failed to remove KKK flyers in a convenient manner.

The BLM groups told the local news outlet until an apology is delivered, diversity training among the staff is completed, and there is no discrimination, they will continue to boycott.

Vargas admits that racism in her community is prevalent. “I’ve been dealing with it on a monthly basis with my children as well, so we feel it.”

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