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NJ Theater Stops ‘Black Panther’ Showing After Woman Drops N-Word

Hubbub erupted at a Sparta, New Jersey theater Sunday, Feb. 18 after a woman dropped the N-word during a showing of “Black Panther.”

Irritated audience members at New Vision Sparta Theatre confronted a woman during the record-breaking Marvel movie when she dropped racial slurs during the film, according to Sparta Police Department Sgt. John Lamon told the website the screening stopped after that, noting the woman was “extremely intoxicated.”

“I think the people in that movie theater acted appropriately,” Lamon said. “Basically, they were not going to put up with that kind of nonsense.”

He said the woman wasn’t yelling at any specific person and only one person, who declined to sign a complaint, could identify the n-bomb dropper. As such, no charges were filed.

“She could have been arrested for a bias crime if she directed her comments at someone, especially a person of color, but that was not the case,” Lamon said.

Those hoping to catch T’Challa in action that day were given vouchers to return to see it at another time and Lamon said management banned the woman from the cinema.

“We gave them advice to send her a certified letter not to trespass and to give us a copy,” he said. “That way if she comes back, she cannot say she did not know, and she can be arrested for trespassing.”

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