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Illinois Man Charged with Hate Crimes After Threatening to Slit Black Woman’s Throat 

Illinois Man Hate Crimes

Robert P. Morris, 54, allegedly told the woman he would slit her throat and punch her in the mouth. (Image courtesy of Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

An Illinois man has been charged with two counts felony hate crime after authorities said he called a Black woman and her son the n-word and threatened to slit her throat as they waited at a local bus stop.

A Cook County judge on Saturday denied bail for 54-year-old Robert Morris, who’s accused of going on a racially charged rant against the family last Thursday, the Chicago Sun Times reported. 

Prosecutors said the woman was having a conversation with her 12-year-old son at the bus stop in Calumet City when Morris, also at the bus stop, cut in and told her to “shut your f—–g mouth you Black b—h.”

Morris then approached the pair as he threatened them, telling the woman he would slit her throat, stab her, knock her out and punch her in the mouth, according to prosecutors. He repeatedly called the woman and her son “n—–s” and at one point motioned towards his pocket as if he had a gun.

Armed with a knife, Morris then flipped the bench the woman’s son was sitting on, causing him to fall backwards and hit his head on a wall, authorities said.

In denying his bond, Judge David R. Navarro told the man, “It is my belief you pose a threat to the community at this time.”

Morris is due back in court Wednesday, Feb. 21.

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