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Florida Gunman Stopped At Subway for Drink After Horrific Shooting as Video of Target Practice Surfaces

CNN aired footage this week of Florida high school gunman Nikolas Cruz conducting target practice in his backyard, shirtless and sporting a red baseball cap.

Anchor Jim Sciutto rolled the footage after a brief discussion over recently released info that Cruz, 19, had stopped at a local Walmart and Subway restaurant after shooting 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. The teen, who many claim is mentally disturbed, now faces 17 counts of premeditated murder.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel did not confirm a stop at a Walmart but did say, according to Los Angeles Times that Cruz “sat down for a short period of time” at the McDonald’s and bought a drink at the Subway. He was apprehended in the nearby town of Coral Springs about 40 minutes later.

” … This is the shooter, just a few months before the attack, doing target practice in his backyard,” Sciutto said. “This was filmed by a neighbor, that appears from the sound of it to be a BB gun, but his neighbor filmed him shooting that weapon there out in public in broad daylight October of last year.”

The anchor also said he spoke to a neighbor who told him police were called to Cruz’s home on several occasions “for strange or sometimes violent behavior.”

“That’s a lot of warning signs pointing in the direction of someone who looked like they needed help,” he said.

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