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Mo’Nique Blasts Radio Host, ‘We Walked In and You Didn’t Even Address Us’

As Mo’Nique continues to make the rounds to discuss her Netflix boycott over equal pay, things went left during a recent stop at a Bay Area radio show. The comedian sat down with “The Sana G Morning Show” Friday, Feb. 9 to talk about the ongoing situation when she took aim at Sana G for apparently being rude when she walked in.

“When I walk into here, Sana, and you don’t even introduce yourself,” she says. “See, that’s what we deal with in a place called Hollywood. Because often times, it’s, ‘I sit behind this position and I don’t have to do that.’ That’s why if you noticed, I had to direct my conversation somewhere else, ’til your energy got right, ’til you then decided to say, ‘OK, let me introduce myself. Because I can’t talk to someone that just says, ‘You ready? Let’s go.’ That’s why I have to say, we gotta learn how to respect and appreciate…

“Well, yeah,” Sana interjects. “But you also weren’t even making eye contact with me the whole first part of the interview.”

“I couldn’t and I’ll tell you why,” Mo’Nique responds. “Because we walked in, you didn’t even address us.

When Sana explained she was wrapping up another project and apologized, Mo’Nique didn’t let up.

“I understand, my love,” she says. “But when it’s your show — because I’ve had those, I’m not sure you know — we always make sure that we welcome in our guests. Because without our guests, we don’t have a show. So even when I’m at my busiest and people walk into my place, I have to stop and say, ‘How you doin’, baby? I’m Mo’Nique. And welcome.’ …

“Well, I did say ‘Hello,'” Sana interrupts. “I just didn’t say my name.”

“Ok, sweetness,” Mo’Nique snaps back. “So with Netflix, we have to deal with people in the business to say, ‘What we have to do is be respectful.’ … It’s so easy to become inhuman because we get so used to the machine … and the thing that I’ve always tried to keep with me is my humanity and not get caught up in ‘Well, it’s just the business.’ Because what happens is, when we go home, we go home with our humanity.

“When it comes to Netflix, when it comes to Hollywood, when it comes to people saying, ‘Mo’Nique, why are you taking a stand? Why don’t you just sit down [and be humble]?’ Well, we’ve done that for years.

“So you have to get to a place where you say, ‘I’m still gonna be humble, but I must stand and speak loudly.’ Because if not, the baby that’s not even born yet, she’s dependent on you, as I was dependent on the sisters that came before me. That kicked down them doors that made that way, that taught me humility.”

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