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Georgia Man Accused of Spanking Stranger’s Child In Grocery Check Out Line

A Georgia man is behind bars after police say he took matters into his own hands and spanked a stranger’s child in the check-out line at a local Kroger.

Newnan Police arrested 62-year-old Juan Guvarra Martinez on Tuesday after he reportedly put his hands on another customer’s child, 11 Alive News reported. The kid’s father, Logan Morris, said he was checking out with his 2-year-old son when the incident occurred.

Morris said his child repeatedly asked for a piece of candy, to which he said “no.” That’s when he said the man standing in line behind them grabbed his child, spun him around and spanked him three times.

“I didn’t know what to think,” Morris told the station. “I was blown away by the situation.”

The man, later identified as Martinez, reportedly told Morris, “That’s how we deal with kids in Mexico.” The father retorted, “we’re not in Mexico” before quickly leaving the store with his son and calling the police.

According to 11 Alive, Martinez was still in line when authorities arrived and when asked about the incident, he said the child was “doing something with a candy bar.” Police said the man was clearly intoxicated; his speech slurred, eyes bloodshot and the “strong odor” of alcohol on his breath.

Officers said Martinez began using profanity in front of employees and customers before he was removed from the store. His combativeness continued after he was arrested and put in the squad car, where he began kicking the doors and windows.

He was ultimately charged with battery, disorderly conduct and obstruction of officers. Kroger also placed Martinez on its Criminal Trespass log due to the nature of the incident.

Logan told the station he doesn’t spank his own kids and doesn’t appreciate a stranger trying to do it for him.

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