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Who’s This? Whitewashed Bust of Queen Nefertiti Has People Scratching Their Heads


A reconstructed bust of ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti made its debut on NBC’s “TODAY” show this week. However, the final product left many dumbfounded as to why her highness’ likeness was severely lacking in melanin.

Led by Expedition Unknown‘s Josh Gates, a team of historians and other key professionals worked to reconstruct the famous stucco-coated bust, doing their best to ensure accuracy in revealing what Queen Nefertiti may have actually looked like. The new bust was replete with the iconic hat, her royal regalia, and a slightly rosy pout.

The most jarring feature, however, was how light the artists made her skin.

As an ancient Egypt queen and mother to the legendary King Tut, Neftertiti would’ve likely resembled the darker-skinned inhabitants of the African empire. In the reconstruction, however, she’s only slightly “tanned” with rosy cheeks.

It didn’t take long for Black Twitter to cry foul over the European-like statue, many offering examples of what the new bust should’ve looked like.

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