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Father of Victims Attack Disgraced Doctor During Court Hearing

The former United States Olympic Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was convicted of sexually assaulting dozens of gymnasts. Nassar sat in court and faced several girls giving tear jerking statements about their encounter.

Randall Margraves, the father of three of the girls sexually assaulted by Nassar, let his anger get the best of him in court. Margraves first asked Judge Janice Cunningham “to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon.” When she obviously didn’t grant him permission, he followed with “Would you give me one minute?”

Judge Cunningham told the father “That’s not how our legal system works.” Margraves then said “Well, I’m going to have to…” then charged at Nassar. The father was swiftly taken to the ground by court security. While on the ground in hancuffs Margraves yelled “I want that son of a b*tch. Give me one minute with that bastard,” and then was ushered out of the courtroom.

Margraves returned later on in handcuffs and said “I lost control. I apologize a hundred times,” Margraves said. “I’m definitely calmed down. I’m embarrassed. I’m not here to upstage my daughters. I’m here to help them heal.”

The judge later stated she would not punish the father for his outburst. “A punishment isn’t appropriate,” said Judge Cunningham.


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