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Black Man Proudly Displays Confederate Flag, Says Folks Who Have Problem with It ‘Can Kiss My A**’


A Black man declaring his devotion to the Confederate flag has drawn huge backlash online. In the clip that surfaced online earlier this week, the tall man stands firm on his stance.

“I love everybody in here, I don’t give a damn what they got to say. They got a problem with this flag, they can kiss my ass and keep it moving,” he says surrounded by cheering white bystanders. “I was born and raised below the Mason-Dixon line, what happened back in the day, hey, that was their problem, not mine. I’m here today amongst friends, amongst family.

“We live together, we fight together. We hunt, we fish, we run together. Ride or die,” he concludes before a white man eagerly urges him to repeat himself into a bullhorn.

The southern man’s declarations earned him lots of jeers from commenters.

“Smh, cooning for massa,” one person said. “I could never do that s— with myself. I love being a peacemaker but racism will never die unless the end comes.”

“He’s in a sunken place…” someone else concluded.

black man confederate flag black man confederate flag

black man confederate flag


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