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Rapper Joey Badass Claims He Was Racially Discriminated Against by American Airlines

Rapper Joey Badass shared with his Twitter followers a very unpleasant experience with American Airlines.  “American Airlines is the best airline for racial discrimination,” the rapper tweeted. This situation apparently happened Sunday night Jan. 28.  The rapper said “But before I get there I put my bag up (in the first class section obv) & one of the flight attendants goes ‘excuse me sir you can’t put your bag there that’s for our first class customers.’

The rapper said he then showed the flight attendant his ticket and everyone laughed.

American Airlines responded to his tweets apologizing and saying that an employee will meet him at the gate. Joey Badass said no one met him at the gate. “Didn’t see anyone waiting to meet me when I arrived. And even if there was, trust I wasn’t interested. But thank you anyway… for nothing.”


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