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Azealia Banks Blasts ‘Entitled White Women’ for Bashing Lack of Representation at Grammys

azealia banks grammys

Azealia Banks has spoken out against the Grammys before in 2015. (Photo by Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images)

As the Grammys hype dies down, it’s been pointed out that women were underrepresented at the 60th annual ceremony, which saw singer Alessia Cara as one of three women to take home a televised honor. Members of country group Little Big Town, Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman, were the others. But rapper Azealia Banks is more concerned about the lack of solidarity when Black women don’t get their due at such ceremonies.

After the Sunday, Jan. 28 event, Grammy president and CEO Neil Portnow told reporters of the male-dominated winner’s list that women need to “step up” behind the scenes. Those remarks led singers like Pink and Sheryl Crow to slam him, The Guardian reported. But all that did was leave Banks to wonder why the same people don’t speak out for Black women.

“I find that a lot of white women in the entertainment industry want to be credited for mediocrity and make it a gender issue when they don’t get their way,” Banks posted on Instagram Monday, Jan. 29. “Yet will say absolutely nothing about all the other races of women who continually get left out so they can have the spotlight.

“I don’t trust Hollywood feminism one bit,” she added.

“Black Women deal with this every single year yet none of the elite Hollywood feminist vanguards jumps to defend any of them,” Banks said in the caption. “If you ask me: the Hollywood feminists all sound like a bunch of spoiled freaking brats!!!”

And Banks’ fans agree.

azealia banks grammys

azealia banks grammys

azealia banks grammysazealia banks grammys

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