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Journalist Asks Chimamanda Adichie ‘Are There Bookshops In Nigeria?’

Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was a guest at France’s annual ‘The Night of Ideas’ hosted by Institute Français. At the event the feminist author was interviewed by French journalist Caroline Broué. They spoke about Adichie’s opinion on various feminism topics including her “commitment to the fight against inequality between men and women” and her “convictions with respect to the role that African countries should play in globalization.”

The interview took a turn for the worst when Broué asked Adichie if the entire country of Nigeria had bookstores. Broué said, “Are there bookshops in Nigeria?” After an audible gasp from the audience, Broué continued, “Oh in France, we don’t know very much about Nigeria. When we hear Nigeria we think about Boko Haram and violence and security. Tell us something different.” Adichie responded, “I think it reflects poorly on France that you asked that question.”

It didn’t take long for reactions to pour in over the question on Twitter.

At least one person thought Adichie should have used the opportunity to enlight the journalist.

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