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Toni Braxton Explains Why Good Girls Date Bad Boys: ‘Bad Boys Remind You That You’re alive.’

Toni Braxton stopped by Angie Martinez show and not only cleared up the marriage rumors but also talked candidly about her relationship with Birdman. When Martinez asked the Grammy Award Winner about the ring she wears on the third finger on her left hand, the singer replied “it was a birthday gift” not an engagement ring. She confirms that she has not married the rapper but they are friends.

When Martinez makes reference to her “good girl” image and that she’s dating someone with a “bad boy” image. Toni says, “We’re the girls who got caught up in the image of being a good girl and forgot to read the book. And forgot to be, happy.” Then she talks about the thrill of dating Birdman saying “Bad boys remind you that you’re alive.”

The ‘Unbreak My Heart’ singer shares a soft side of the rapper and how he looked out for her when she was sick. “When I was on tour in 2016 I was really sick, I had a really bad flare (referring to her Lupus)..there was a rumor that I died…every day I was on tour, he was there with me.” She continues and says ” we wasn’t nothing… he was my friend.. and he was there.”

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