Mo’Nique Calls Out Sheryl Underwood Over Netflix Boycott Stance: ‘Let’s Talk’


Mo’Nique isn’t backing down from her fight with Netflix and since Sheryl Underwood weighed in, the Oscar winner is now zeroing in on her. Mo’Nique posted a fired up Instagram video targeting Underwood after “The Talk” panelist denied she told the “Almost Christmas” star she should take less money.

Mo’Nique initially made the claim on “Sway In the Morning” Friday, Jan. 19 and by Monday, Underwood was denying she ever said such a thing.

“What I asked her to do was talk to Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels, make amends for what you’ve done,” Underwood said on CBS’ “The Talk.” “And if you’ve hurt them, ask for forgiveness and they will forgive you and this will be squashed. That’s what I asked for.”

The talk show panelist referred to Mo’Nique’s public diss of the filmmakers and models last year, where she blamed them for her blackballing in the industry.

“I’m listening and watching and hearing everybody’s opinion, but yours?” Mo’Nique began in a Thursday, Jan. 25 Instagram video. “See, we’re two Black female comedians and we know what it’s like when we first got started, being on that road making $50 and $75 a night. And the one thing I admired about you, everybody knew you don’t mess with Sheryl Underwoods’s money. Now that I’m trying to get the money for us, why does that seem to be a problem?

Mo’Nique went on to list a slew of white female comedians — from Tina Fey to Amy Schumer, the latter of whom she referenced in her initial Netflix pay dispute video — saying that their pay is equivalent to their status.

“What about ours? So all I’m saying, Sheryl is if you prove me wrong, bring me on the show and I will apologize. But if you’re proven wrong, will you not only apologize, will you then stand with us?”

Lots of fans supported Mo’s movement.

“I am riding with you Monique,” one commented. “Stand strong I am praying for you, sis.”

“Stand tuff [sic] girl we all with you!!” someone else said. “Whatever you do Mo’Nique do not apologize for this.”

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