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Women’s March Attendee Christened Harriet Tubman Tubman with P*ssyhat, Black Women Were Not Amused

Harriet Tubman Pussy Hat

The bronze monument honoring abolitionist Harriet Tubman was erected at the intersection of St. Nicholas Avenue and Frederick Douglass Boulevard, in Harlem, in 2007, according to The New Yorker. (Image courtesy o Instagram)

The second annual Women’s March kicked off without a hitch this weekend, as millions of women gathered across the country to celebrate all things gender equality. The marchers managed to get Black folks piping mad, however, after someone placed the infamous pink pussy hat on a statue of abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

“I saw it out of my window and couldn’t believe it,” Harlem woman Alba Anthony, who lives near the statue, told The New Yorker.

Anthony uploaded a photo of the travesty to her social media, where it garnered plenty of negative reactions. Even as user timelines were flooded with powerful videos and images from the historic march, the one featuring Tubman in a bright pink hat with knitted kitten ears took the cake.

Many who suspected a white woman was behind the “disrespectful” act saw the incident as an attempt to link the Black liberation struggle with the fight for gender parity, which have their similarities but are in no way synonymous. Others saw it as yet further evidence that demands for female equality have been quite limited and even tone-deaf when attempting to include Black and brown women.

Check out some of the most fiery reactions below:

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