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Stay Woke: 5 Things You Should Know About How A Government Shutdown Could Affect You

Government Sutdown

The government shutdown has dragged on for three days so far. (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Will military service members be paid?

All active duty and reserve personnel on federal active duty will continue working during the shutdown. Neither group will be paid until members of Congress agree on a federal budget, however. Non-essential Department of Defense civilian workers will also be furloughed, a Pentagon spokesperson said.

Will national parks and museums remain open?

When it comes to national parks, museums and monuments, a few will remain open while others will grant limited access to patrons. War memorials and open air parks in the capitol will stay open, the National Park Service announced last week, while the NY government is  paying to keep the Statue of Liberty up and running. Parks that require some park staff or assistance won’t be operating, however.

What about my Social Security check?

As a mandatory program, social security benefits will continue even in the absence of government funds.

How will travel be affected?

The government shutdown isn’t expected to impact travel much, if at all. The airports will remain open and air traffic controllers/other transportation officials will continue working. Some non-essential employees may be furloughed, though. As for train travel, Amtrak is also expected to operate during the shut down.

Will passport services be halted?

All passport and visa services will “remain 100% operational as long as there are sufficient fees to support operations,” the State Department said. As the agency is partly funded by fees, it’ll be able to continue issuing passports for a short time.

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