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Vice Co-Founder Accuses Cory Booker of ‘Shucking & Jiving for the White Man’

On an episode of the CRTV show Get Off My Lawn Gavin McInnes, one of the co-founders of Vice Media gave his thoughts about Sen. Booker’s passionate deliverance to the Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielson, after claiming she didn’t hear the “shithole countries” remarks President Trump made at a White House meeting last week.

“I just realized something. Cory Booker is kind of like Sambo”, the CRTV host chuckled and finished his ongoing rant. “He’s kind of shucking and jiving for the white man. Cory Booker grew up rich in an all-white suburb. He’s basically a white guy. His parents were very wealthy executives at IBM. But he wants to be a black dude, so he pretends that he’s down with the brothers and he acts outraged about racism all the time—for white people. That gets him votes from whites.”

He then compared Booker to former President Barack Obama.” Yes, he gets the black vote. Anyone black gets the black vote,” he added. “Obama was the least black man I’ve ever seen in my life and he got all the black vote. But what these guys are really trying to get is white votes because that’s the majority of people in this country.”

McInnes continued,” He plays up the race card again and again. He just gets up there and performs for the white man pretending to be from the hood.”

The video was flagged by Right Wing Watch on YouTube due to the offensive language he used to describe Sen. Booker.

The controversial commentator has proclaimed that he is not racist or involved with any white supremacist organizations.

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