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University of Alabama Responds to Sorority Girl’s N-Word Laden Rant Against Black People

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Harley Barber shuttered her “fake Instagram” account after her racist rant went viral. (screenshot)

After a sorority girl’s racist tirade against Black people went viral, the University of Alabama has responded. Harley Barber certainly wasn’t feeling the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Day Monday, Jan. 15 when she posted two clips of her dropping the N-word repeatedly.

In the first video posted on her Finsta, the nickname for a person’s fake Instagram account, Barber, a now-former member of Alpha Phi, issued this proclamation.

“I love how I act like I love Black people because I f—— hate n——, so that’s really interesting,” she says. “I f—— hate n——, but I just saved the f—— n—— by shutting that water off.”

In another, Barber, with a drink in hand, proclaims that since she’s from New Jersey, she can say the n-word whenever she likes.

“Now someone wants to say I’m offensive because I said ‘n—–?’ You know what? N—–, ni—–, n—–,” she says. “I don’t care if it’s Martin Luther King Day. N—–, n—–, n—–. I’m in the South now, b—-. So everyone can f— off. I’m from New Jersey, so I can say ‘n—–‘ as much as I want. N—–, n—–, n—–.”

After the account was made private, the clips were captured by Twitter user @TabisBack.

“These remarks are ignorant and disturbing and in no way reflect the values of The University of Alabama,” the school tweeted Tuesday, Jan. 16. “This unfortunate behavior has been reported to the Office of Student Conduct as it does not align with the community expectations of students at the Capstone.”

In addition, Alpha Phi International Fraternity stated on Facebook that Barber is no longer a member of the organization.

“Alpha Phi is a diverse, values-based organization and condemns the language and opinions in these videos,” it said. “They are offensive and hateful to both our own members and to other members of the Greek and campus community. The Beta Mu chapter leadership and supporting alumnae moved quickly to address the offense, and Ms. Barber is no longer a member of Alpha Phi.”

The move hasn’t done much to quell the criticism, however.

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