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Sarah Sanders Does the Two-Step Around Reporter Grilling Her Over Trump’s Preference for White Immigrants

ABC reporter Cecilia Vega demanded answers for Trump’s “shithole countries” comment he reportedly made last week referring to Haiti and Africa. He also questioned lawmakers about why the United States couldn’t have more people coming from places like Norway. Many Americans were outraged by his comment.

During a recent White House debriefing, Vega asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, “Does a good deal include preferring white immigrants from Norway than black and brown immigrants from Haiti?”

The conversation quickly became tense as Sander’s responded back. “Not at all… In fact, it’s actually the opposite because by definition a merit-based system is colorblind. It’s not based on race. It’s actually based on the merits of whether or not this person is going to be contributing to society.”

However, that didn’t deter Vega from pressing Sanders a little harder, “But he did mention country of origin. The fact is, the countries that he mentioned, one is very white and the others are very not white. That’s about race is it not?”

Sanders quickly diverted the conversation back to Trump working on an immigration plan that levels “the playing field” and it’s opposite to what Vega was suggesting.

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