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Conservative Guest Gets Ripped To Shreds for Suggesting Trump Is Improving Lives of Black Americans

Commentator Keith Boykin popped his top during a CNN broadcast this week after fellow commentator Carrie Sheffield suggested that President Donald Trump’s laws and policies have bettered the lives of African-Americans.

“I would love to see more unifying language coming from the Republican leadership, I’d love to see it coming from the president,” Sheffield remarked, alluding to Trump’s recent “shithole” comments about immigrants from Haiti, Africa and El Salvador.

“But I do think it is also important to look again at the policies and see how the lives of African-Americans have been improved,” she added.

Boykins, clearly agitated, tried to get a word in but could not. When it was finally his turn to speak, the broadcaster launched into a full-blown tirade against the Trump-supporting analyst.

“This nonsense that is going on out here from Carrie. Carrie, this is ridiculous,” Boykin began, pointing out that the Black unemployment rate was slashed in half under former President Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Trump’s called the numbers “fake” during his 2016 presidential campaign.

“He lied about the African-American unemployment rate!” Boykin shouted. “And then as soon as he got in office, he inherited the declining unemployment numbers and he took credit for what President Obama did. That is disgusting, it’s abhorrent and the president should apologize to President Obama not only for the lies about the birth certificate but about the lies about the African-American community that he continues to spread!”

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