5 Secrets Revealed About The Jacksons Including What Michael Did to Ensure His Success

"He started doing a James Brown-type dance."

jackson secrets
The Jackson family had their own variety show in the 1970s. (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The Jacksons are arguably the most talented famous family to grace the radio airwaves and the two most famous members — Michael and Janet — have been influential for decades. While you may be very familiar with MJ’s moonwalk or Janet’s sexual provocation, there are at least five things you may not have known about the brood. Read on to discover some newly unveiled facts Jackie Jackson told the Billboard Chart Beat Podcast about the iconic clan.

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Michael Jackson Might Owe Quaker Oats for Birthing His Love Of Music

“Michael would grab Quaker oatmeal boxes and play them like bongos while we were doing our set,” Jackie Jackson said while promoting the book, “The Jacksons: Legacy” Thursday, Dec. 21. “He started doing a James Brown-type dance, him and Marlon both. We said, ‘Wait a minute, I think we got something here.’ So, we put him in the group. And people just loved him.”


jacksons secrets
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The Jackson 5 Moved In with Diana Ross

After the band signed to Motown, they lived with Diana Ross in her white-painted house for a short while.

“She pretty much took us under her wing,” Jackie said. “It was just incredible. We would have paint fights in her home … I wouldn’t have let no one do that to my home. We did all kinds of crazy things with her in the house.”

jacksons secrets
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‘Guns N’ Roses’ Guitar Player Credits Jermaine Jackson for His Skill

“Guns N’ Roses’ guitar player, Slash, told me, ‘I want you to know the reason I’m playing guitar is because of Jermaine,” Jackie disclosed.

He added that many of the boy bands that have emerged in the last decade have credited the Jacksons as influences, too.


jackson secrets
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The Faith In Janet Jackson’s Ability to Become a Superstar Was Never Questioned

Janet Jackson’s debut self-titled album didn’t make waves the way big bro Michael’s “Thriller” did, but the youngest child of Katherine and Joe Jackson hit it big with 1986’s “Control.” Her ability to hit the pop star jackpot was never doubted by her band of brothers.

“She learned from us, what to do, what not to do,” Jackie Jackson said. “We knew she had it in her. We just wondered when it was going to break. And it did.”

jackson secrets
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Micheal Used Positive Affirmation to Make His Mult-Platinum-Selling Albums  

Jackie remarked about Michael’s dedication to his craft. While the “Beat It” singer’s workaholic tendencies are well known, the motivation he used to get there may not be.

“I knew that he was gonna [be a superstar] ’cause he would write [on] his bedroom mirror, “‘I’m gonna sell 10 million records’ … He would look at that every morning,” Jackie said of what his brother did during the “Off the Wall” era.

Michael’s follow-up album, “Thriller” has since been certified 33-times platinum and has sold 105 million copies worldwide.

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