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Doug Jones, Who Toppled Roy Moore Thanks to Black Votes, May Pick an All-White Senior Staff

Black Voters

Democratic Senate-elect Doug Jones takes selfie with supporter and Senator Corry Booker

The surprising recent election results in the Alabama Senate race where Democrat Doug Jones beat the controversial Republican candidate Roy Moore by a slim margin thanks to the outsized turnout of Black voters has led many to ask if the Democratic Party supports the interest of Black People. Many believe it is a one-sided relationship where Black voters/people give and don’t receive much in return.

In a recent tweet by activist Shaun King, things may be playing out as such. King tweeted about news he received from “a few people” that Jones is feeling the pressure from conservatives to choose an all-white senior staff.

Despite the news, many remained hopeful.

Whether or not Jones decides to appoint a diverse staff, the data speaks for itself on how Democrats spend their resources and support reward their Black constituents.

  1. An analysis three years ago found that Black consultants only received 2% of the money spent by major Democratic committees.
  2. Democratic Party leadership in Congress is still white led and Black followed.
  3. The Democratic Party organizations with budgets of at least $30 million all had white leaders.
  4. Out of the 49 minority-owned firms, only 14 received contracts from Democratic Party committees.
  5. Of the first $200 million spent by independent democratic groups during last year’s presidential election, none of it went to mobilizing Black voters

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