Sen. Tim Scott Lauds Tax Bill as ‘Present’ for Working-Class Families — But Black Folks Beg to Differ

Tim Scott

Sen. Tim Scott helped write most of the Republican tax reform bill. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Republicans on Capitol Hill are celebrating this week after successfully passing one of the most sweeping tax reform bills in decades.

President Donald Trump and fellow Republicans commemorated the hard-fought victory at the White House Wednesday, Dec. 20, following a long two nights of votes and then a re-vote by the House of Representatives. Among them was African-American Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who’s been stumping hard for the GOP tax plan that opponents have called just another tax cut for the wealthy.

In a series of tweets late Tuesday evening, Scott pegged the tax code overhaul as a “win for hardworking American families” living paycheck to paycheck. The Palmetto State lawmaker insisted families would see the “proof” in their paychecks next year, as the newly passed bill would reduce the tax burden on low-income Americans.

“Great news! The Senate just passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” Scott wrote, alongside a video message posted on his Twitter feed. “This bill is a Christmas present for hardworking families from Charleston to Greenwood, and from Charlotte to Portland.”

“For the first time in a generation, tax reform is finally here,” he added.

Critics of the tax bill have begged to differ, however. With the new plan providing significant cuts for big-name corporations, new breaks for private businesses and a complete overhaul of the individual tax code, opponents argue that the $1.5 trillion bill would actually increase taxes for the lower- and middle-class, rather than slash them.

But Scott, who’s spent the last year helping to write the bill, doesn’t quite see it that way.

“As a part of this tax reform package, the Investing and Opportunity Act has been included, which will bring trillions of dollars into poorer communities – because of your willingness to listen,” the congressman told President Trump during a celebratory tax event on the South Lawn Monday. Scott added that the new bill would also help single mothers by providing them a 70 percent tax cut.

Not many were enthused about the senator’s backing of the controversial bill, however, and they made it known.

In the midst of the criticism from Black folks, Scott decided to respond to at least one person who called him a “manipulated prop.”

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