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Diddy Is Unbothered By Apologetic Anchors Who Clowned Him, Says He’s Unafraid to Dream

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(Paul Zimmerman/WireImage)

It seems Sean “Diddy” Combs has caught wind of the two apologetic anchors who clowned his interest in buying the Carolina Panthers. Despite San Francisco Bay Area reporters Henry Wofford’s claim that Diddy looked like he “smoked a blunt and drank a 40” — and Darya Folsom’s laughter — the MC took the high road.

Diddy let an old interview do the talking as he rose above Wofford’s and Folsom’s diss.

“It all goes back to one point because I have a dream,” a young Diddy says in the video. “A lot of times, people see your dreams as, ‘They crazy.’ You goin’ for your passion you have for your dreams, they make you act crazy. You tryna reach your goals for your dreams, you’re driven. … I love closing my eyes and dreaming. I don’t really deal with reality when I deal with trying to work toward the future.

“I have to dream,” he adds in the clip. “No matter if I succeed or fail, I can never be afraid of dreaming. I think that’s what’s gotten me this far.”

Many fans backed the mogul’s response.

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And while a brief debate emerged over whether or not Diddy’s plans to put free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick up against Cam Newton for the starting position…

…most backed Diddy daring to dream.

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