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Flaky Crust Jamaican Beef Patties Recipe

Beef Jamaican patty recipe

Beef Jamaican patties by Whisk it Gud

Jamaican beef patties are a favorite of mine! I remember the first time I had homemade ones. I was a kid and my Jamaican neighbor, at that time invited my siblings and me over for her kids birthday party.

It was so good, a bit spicy but I loved it.  I was hooked. I had to have them each time I went to a Caribbean restaurant. Even got them from the supermarket, although they didn’t taste as good as homemade, they curbed my cravings. I now make my own. These patties are super good and addictive. They’re one of the more popular recipes on my blog. I hope you can give them a try!

Quick tip: If you have issues working with dough try purchasing an empanada maker. It will make perfect patties and it will save you so much time!

Find the full recipe for this delicious dish at Whisk it Real Gud. Meet the Blogger below!

Black food blogger

Whisk it Real Gud blogger April

Hi there! I’m April owner and food blogger at Whisk It Real Gud.

I grew up with my mother and Southern grandmother. They both made simple, inexpensive GUD food! They taught me that you don’t need a lot of money or spend countless hours in the kitchen to make delicious meals. Money was tight back then but we still ate very well.

I’m from the melting pot of NJ/NY area. I was always surrounded by culturally diverse food and people. The food that I make is a reflection of all the food I grew up eating with family and friends like, Southern, African, Caribbean, Latin American, Italian and more.

My flavorful, simple and quick prep meals will save you time and money!

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