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Downward Spiral Continues for Keaton Jones As His Jailed Dad’s Racism Comes to Light

Keaton Jones’ story continues to collapse as the latest report is that the 11-year-old’s estranged dad is a white supremacist. TMZ reported Wednesday, Dec. 13 that Shawn White, who is currently in jail, has bigoted paraphernalia on his Facebook page.

In screenshots captured by the website, White’s profile — which was last updated in 2015 — features memes saying, “Aryan Pride” and “Holy F— I Love Being White.”

Additionally, White’s photos include shirtless pics where he sports tattoos reading, “Pure Breed” and “White Pride.” And The Sun reported another photo shows White posing with the Aryan hand sign. The images don’t lend too much credit to claims made by Keaton’s mother, Kimberly Jones, on “CBS This Morning” that photos of her posing with a Confederate flag were “ironic” and “funny.”

Adding insult to injury is the fact that White has been imprisoned since 2015, according to documents obtained by TMZ. The sentence stems from a probation violation of a 2012 aggravated assault conviction. He’s due to be released from Knox County Jail in 2018.

The last photo Keaton had with his dad appears to have been taken in January 2015 and it is not clear where their relationship stands today.

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