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Jamaican Escovitch Red Snapper Recipe

escovitch snapper recipe

Escovitch Snapper by the Seasoning Bottle (Photo provided by Briana)

Escovitch Fish

My signature dish that is expressive of my style and culture is Jamaican Escovitch Fish. I watched and learned how to make this dish from my mother and great aunt. Escovitch fish is a fried dish topped with an onion, pepper, and carrot relish. Traditionally, red snapper fish is seasoned and fried whole, however, it’s common to also use other white fish varieties such as tilapia or cod. The trick to achieving an impressive batch of escovitch fish is to “season” the oil. You do that by adding pimento seeds A.K.A allspice seed and a whole scotch bonnet pepper to the oil. These are both staple ingredients in Jamaican cuisine. By flavoring the oil, the fish gets an additional dose of a peppery kick that is that Jamaican food is known for. It’s an all-year-round style of dish that can be served for the holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, or anytime that you are feeling the vibe of something spicy and light.     

Find the full recipe for this delicious dish at the Seasoning Bottle. Meet the Blogger below!

Briana the Seasoning Bottle

Briana Riddock of the Seasoning Bottle

Hello! My name is Briana Riddock and I am a food blogger from Atlanta, GA, currently located in Birmingham, AL. After graduating college in the midst of the recession, I found it difficult to nail down any type of job. I was frustrated and I turned to cooking to keep my mind focused on a craft that brought me joy. I started documenting these dishes online with photos and recipes to share with friends and family. My style of cooking is fresh with West Indian and Southern influences. I love throwing dinner parties and hosting events that bring people together around food, while also highlighting dishes that I grew up with such as curry chicken, rice and peas, and plantains.     

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