14 Celebrities You Forgot Appeared on Your Favorite TV Shows


tv show guest stars

Serena Williams —  “Law & Order: SVU” (2004)

On “Law & Order: SVU,” Serena Williams played an online porn victim named Chloe Spiers whose incident ties into a case about a fraternity murder. While the show typically hosts up-and-coming and some veteran actors, Williams appeared as one of several athletes on the show, including Cleveland Cavaliers guard Isaiah Thomas and skier Lindsey Vonn.

tv show guest stars
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Kobe Bryant — “Moesha” (1996)

While Bryant was an 18-year-old basketball star in real life, on screen he played a struggling high school student who enlisted Brandy’s Moesha Mitchell to pass the SATs. Months before the episode aired, Bryant had asked then-17-year-old Brandy to his prom!

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