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Marshawn Lynch’s Participation In High School Football Practice Leads to Investigation

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Marshawn Lynch paid a visit to his old high school during his suspension. (Mat Hayward/Getty Images for *PSD Underwear)

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch’s seemingly innocent practice game with high schoolers has led to an investigation. The athlete documented a visit to Oakland Tech High School on Instagram Wednesday, Oct. 26. While his caption indicted the suspended athlete was simply sharpening his skills, the school district sees things differently.

“[Marshawn’s] participation in the practice did not comply with Oakland Athletic League’s rules and regulations,” Oakland Unified School District said in a statement Friday, Oct. 26 to TMZ. “Site administration did not receive prior notice that Lynch would be attending an after-school practice. Once they found out, they and the League Commissioner promptly reminded all OUSD coaches of the bylaws and took appropriate measures.”

The clip features Lynch, an alumnus of OTHS, running the ball before stiff-arming a student; he also was gang tackled during the practice. Both forms of contact are against school rules.

A CIF official told TMZ that adult men are not allowed to hit or get hit by students.

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“Only 9th through 12th grade students may practice with or compete on a high school team,” a rule from the CIF states.

It’s possible that high school could see punishments doled out in the form of suspensions, but none have been handed down as yet.

While the school sees this as a serious issue, Lynch’s former teammates are laughing at him.

“Y’all see Marshawn Lynch running over everybody at practice? That was funny,” Michael Bennett told reporters Thursday according to The News Tribune. “It looked fun to watch Marshawn do all that stuff. I couldn’t stop laughing. Only he would do something like that.”

“Marshawn is something else,” linebacker Bobby Wagner said.

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