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D.L. Hughley Lists the 3 Most Hated Black Men In America

D.L. Hughley has an issue with why Colin Kaepernick wound up filing a grievance against the NFL and it has to do with his status with Barack Obama and O.J. Simpson. According to the star of “The Comedy Get Down,” the three have a designation that they probably wouldn’t like.

“The three most hated Black men in America are Barack Obama, Colin Kaepernick and O.J. — and two of them never were accused of murder,” he tells TMZ Monday, Oct. 16. “They hate Colin Kaepernick right now more than they hate O.J.”

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Hughley said Kaepernick, who alleged the NFL is colluding against him, has not had the opportunity to prove himself to other teams. The quarterback has remained a free agent after protesting the national anthem last season.

“[Dallas Cowboys owner] Jerry Jones doesn’t want his players — standing for the national anthem is [owners’] problem,” Hughley says. “You brought [former defensive lineman] Greg Hardy on when he beat his wife. You bought him when he was suspended. Ezekiel Elliot, you fought for him, he’s accused of beating somebody. … It’s ridiculous. If [Kaeperick] can’t play, everybody could see he can’t play.”

Hughley added the best thing that could happen for Kap next is for him to get a job offer, however, he isn’t certain teams will take a chance on signing him now.

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