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O.J. Simpson’s Prison Release Date Being Kept Under Lock and Key

Don’t expect to see snaps of O.J. Simpson as he leaves prison after nearly nine years.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer wants no part of the media circus that once surrounded him. As such, officials at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center are keeping his exact release date and location a secret, according to TMZ. A source told the website Simpson can be released from one of 18 points at the facility and his safety is a top concern.

Officials have been prioritizing this since July when they moved Simpson away from the general population after he was granted parole.

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“The inmates inside … they’re all felons, there are those that are in there for life, that really have nothing to lose,” said Brooke Keast, Nevada Department of Corrections spokesperson, to ABC News. “Now, to make a name of themselves, they may think of doing something, acting out against inmate Simpson. We just can’t have that.”

There’s also a concern that violence could ensue if word got out about Simpson’s exact release date, which the Associated Press said could come as early as Oct. 1. TMZ reported prison officials don’t want to start a chase that could injure Simpson or prison staff and bystanders.

Simpson has been imprisoned since 2008 for confronting sports memorabilia dealers who he said stole from him. He was convicted on 12 charges after he and several other men wielded weapons at the dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room. Kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon were counted among those charges.

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