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Man Who Trump Dubbed His ‘African-American’ Blasts the President for His Lack of Support for Black Community

California politician Gregory Cheadle said he’s never been an avid supporter of President Donald Trump. (Image courtesy of the Auburn Journal)

The man President Donald Trump pointed out in a sea of cheering supporters and dubbed his “African-American” is no longer a fan, thanks to the president’s empty words and less-than-genuine support of the Black community.

“I would like for him just to show an interest in Black people,” Republican politician Gregory Cheadle told The Los Angeles Times. “Why can’t he go to a Black city? Why can’t he trumpet Black business? Why can’t he have more Black people in his administration?”

Backing Trump at the time, Cheadle said he just could not miss the opportunity to see a presidential candidate visiting the far reaches of Northern California. So, he roused himself out of bed to get a close seat at Trump’s rally at Redding’s municipal airport back in June 2016, according to the newspaper.

In true Trump fashion, the then-Republican front runner went off on a tangent about “thug” protesters, a Democrat mayor and a certain African-American supporter.

“Great fan, great guy,” Trump said of the man. “In fact, I wanna find out what’s going on with him.”

It was then, Cheadle said, he waved his hand and joking shouted, “I’m here.”

“Look at my African-American over here!” Trump exclaimed, pointing into the crowd. “Look at him. Are you the greatest? You know what I’m talking about?”

Though Cheadle and those around him had a good laugh over the exchange, some viewers who caught the rally on TV didn’t find it amusing — at all. People were outraged at Trump’s assertion; “MY African-American,” as if Cheadle were his personal property. Critics became even more incensed when Cheadle didn’t share their anger.

“It was just a fun thing that happened,” he told CNN last year, as #TrumpsAfricanAmerican was a trending topic on Twitter.

The LA Times reported that Cheadle was attacked on social media and constantly harassed by critics in the weeks after the rally, so much so that he was afraid to venture outside. He blamed the media for painting him as something he wasn’t and never has been: Trump’s lackey.

Yes, he circled the ballot for Trump in the November election, but it was almost entirely a vote against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Cheadle said. He’s never been an avid, enthusiastic fan of the former real estate mogul.

These days, the California man is even less of a fan and has taken issue with the lack of Black Americans appointed to Trump’s cabinet. He called the president’s promises to help Black folk nothing more than empty words, The LA Times reported.

Cheadle also is a critic of former President Barack Obama but thinks both Democrats and Republicans tap dance for their own moneyed interests. Moreover, he believes both parties pursue racist polices, like Democrats, under President Bill Clinton, slashing welfare funds to funnel cash for more prisons to incarcerate Black people. Then there’s Trump’s call for more “law and order,” which, for Cheadle, simply translates to “We’re going to arrest more Black people.”

However, the California man did defend the president’s controversial response to the Charlottesville unrest, saying there was no perfect response he could’ve given the media.

“No matter what he said, he’s going to be punished for it,” he told the newspaper.

While the hoopla over the whole Trump ordeal was painful, Cheadle said it was well worth it because it helped him gain a platform. He’s running for Congress for the fourth time, this time challenging Republican Rep. Doug LaMalfa of Richvale, Calif., according to The LA Times.

“It gives me a chance to talk about things that are important as a person who’s not bought by corporations or corporate America,” he said.

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