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Man Who Saved Fiancée’s Life During Charlottesville Attack Receives More Than $56,000 In Donations

The GoFundMe page for a Charlottesville counter-protester-turned-hero has amassed more than $57,000 in donations, exceeding its initial goal of $40,000 in less than 24 hours.

Counter-protester Marcus Martin pushed his fiancée, Marissa Blair, out of the path of a car allegedly driven by white nationalist James Alex Fields Jr. as it barreled down the road and into a crowd of demonstrators Saturday, Aug. 12. One woman, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, was killed, while 19 others were left severely injured.

The dramatic moment showing Martin quickly move his wife-to-be out of the way of the car was captured by a New York Post photographer. The striking image was plastered on the paper’s front page Sunday, Aug. 13, showing the local man tumbling over the vehicle’s trunk.

Martin suffered several injuries in the attack after Fields backed over him while attempting to flee the scene.

“Marcus heroically made a split-second decision to save his fiancée’s life by moving her out of harm’s way — and in the process suffered a broken ankle, broken tibia and several torn ligament,” the GoFundMe Page states. “Marcus works as a landscaper and will not be able to return to work and earn a wage for an unknown length of time.”

“Let’s come together to help Marcus cover his hospital bills/copays, transportation costs for upcoming appointments and surgeries, and lost wages so he can focus on healing his mind, body and spirit,” it concludes.

The fundraising page was promoted and verified by CNN reporter Jake Tapper, according to The Wrap, as some donors raised questions about the page’s legitimacy.

Though still recuperating, Martin made sure to attend a recent memorial honoring Heyer.

“Please keep Heather’s family and other victims in your thoughts and prayers,” he wrote on the crowdfunding page. “She will be missed. ‘If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.'”

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