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50 Cent Claims Starz Accused Him of Leaking Episodes; Some Think the Accusation Has Merit 

50 Cent encouraged fans to watch his series “Power.” (Mark Horton/Getty Images)


“Power” co-executive producer 50 Cent, well aware that the last three episodes of his hit Starz series have been leaked, decided to add put in his two cents’ worth on the matter.

According to Fiddy, the network accused him of being responsible for releasing the episodes ahead of schedule. The hashtag 50CentralBET points to the rapper-actor’s upcoming sketch comedy series on BET, which airs Sept. 28. Could the MC be taking on that series full time and ditching “Power”? Hmmm …

Others have also made the accusation.

Last week, an unidentified man posted the last few episodes of the fourth season of “Power” — including the finale — on his Facebook page, which was streamed from his cracked iPhone screen. At the time, Starz launched an investigation into the matter and pledged to “take legal action against the responsible parties.” Well, the man responsible shouldn’t be too hard to track down, considering he showed his face on the stream.

Even before the finale of “Power” was spoiled, 50 indicated he was looking to sever ties with the series’ home network in July.

“I woke up feeling a little different about Power this morning,” the caption read. “If the biggest show on your network doesn’t mean anything, what does your network mean Starz?”

It wouldn’t be the first time the star, who plays Kanan on the crime drama, has publicly aired his grievances with the show. XXL reported that, last year, 50 threatened to walk away from the show after he claimed his little 50 was shown without so much as a heads up.

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