Donald Glover Promises Antsy Fans That Second Season of ‘Atlanta’ Will Be Well Worth the Long Wait

Donald Glover told BBC Radio 1’s Clara Amfo that there was still time to refer to him by his rap name, Childish Gambino, before he puts down the mic for good. (BBC Radio 1)

Fans sulked when Donald Glover announced the second season of “Atlanta” won’t premiere until 2018 and now the rapper-actor is teasing it as an improvement on the show.

“I’m not the type of person to rush anything,” he told BBC Radio 1 Tuesday, Aug. 8. “I feel like if you rush it, you’re gonna get something you don’t want and then you’ll start to question why you even liked it. I’m not gonna make anything until it’s ready. But to be completely honest, it’s almost ready. I’m pretty happy with a lot of the things and I think it’s better than the first season. It’s almost there. You’ll just have to wait a little longer.”

In the meantime, Glover has plenty of projects to keep him busy. Including a role as Simba in the remake of “The Lion King.” When asked if his son influenced him to take the role, Glover said lions are baby Legend’s favorite animal.

“He just started roaring and saying, ‘lion’ at that time,” Glover said. “So, it was kind of a no-brainer. I had to do it. I mean, ‘[The] Lion King’ is one of my favorite movies. I remember seeing the trailer in theaters and I remember seeing [the movie] in theaters and it was a big deal. My father brought me [to see it] so I just couldn’t say, ‘No,’ [to the remake].”

Other upcoming projects include a role in the as-yet-untitled “Star Wars” film and his final album before retiring his Childish Gambino moniker. Glover also scored a production deal with FX, which airs “Atlanta.”

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