Public Takes Sides In Viral Video of Cop Confronting Man Over Lawn Mowing Business



Despite a man having limited use of his arm after a constable confronted him, a police supervisor is defending the actions of the peace officer who accosted the 20-year-old. The public, however, isn’t completely in agreement.

In a cell phone video recorded Sunday, July 2, a Harris County constable stopped Marlin Gipson as he and his brothers were handing out business cards for their lawn mowing service.

“I’m kind of busy, I’m trying to make money,” Gipson says in the clip.

“Yeah, but when I saw you, you were going from door to door,” the constable responds.

When the officer asked for Gipson’s ID, the man did not have one. Gipson asked the constable for his identification, leading the cop to ask him to place his hands behind his back to be handcuffed. Instead, Gipson refused and left the scene, which constable administrator Alen Rosen reasoned was because of an outstanding warrant for misdemeanor assault.

“I would still be doing this right here,” Gipson tells CBS News Wednesday, July 26. “Lawn service, making money, that’s the goal … trying to support our family.”

The incident didn’t end there, however. When constables arrived at Gipson’s home later in the day, which he recorded, he said they broke down his door, tased him and sicced a K-9 on him that left bite wounds on Gipson’s right arm.

“I can’t even lift certain stuff no more,” Gipson says. “My arm is still numb in certain spots. I can barely lift it up.”

Regardless, Rosen has backed the constable’s actions.

“We gave Mr. Gipson, before the police dog went upstairs, we told him four different times,” Rosen says. “We even yelled, ‘Police dog, police dog, come out.'”

While the Harris County constable said they have body camera video supporting their claims, they have yet to release it and in the meantime, the public is taking sides.

Several have backed the constable.

However, others slammed the constable and his actions.

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