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This Senior Couple’s Engagement Photo Shoot Is Incredible and Their Story Is Even More Inspiring

Cleveland “Murphy” Wilson and Lucinda Myers’ will wed in July.(Gianna Snell/Gianna Snell Photography)

A senior Alabama couple is going viral for their affectionate engagement photos and the story of what led them to meet is just as noteworthy.

Cleveland Wilson, 70 and his fiancée, Lucinda Myers, 67, met in 2016 at a Hunstville, Ala., church after both had experienced love and loss. Wilson’s wife of 41 years had passed away three years earlier and Myers had been divorced for 30 years, according to a blog by their engagement photographer, Gianna Snell. Having sat in the same balcony for three years and admiring each other from afar, the pair finally spoke to each other when Wilson paid Myers a compliment one day.

“You look really nice today!” Wilson, who is known as “Murphy,” said to a surprised Myers.

Cleveland “Murphy”
Wilson and Lucinda Myers’ photographer marveled at how affectionate the pair was during their photo shoot. (Gianna Snell/Gianna Snell Photography)

Several weeks would pass before Myers would see Wilson again, so when she did, she approached the grandfather of four.

“Where have you been with that pretty smile?” she said before hugging him, sparking the flame that has burned ever since.



This photo of Alabama residents Cleveland “Murphy”
Wilson and Lucinda Myers went viral. (Gianna Snell/Gianna Snell Photography)

And it was that fire that resulted in the engagement photo that shot Myers and Wilson, who are getting married Saturday, July 29, to viral status.

“My daughters — and I love my daughters — they decided they were going to be wedding planners and put all of this together,” Wilson told ABC News of how the images came to be. “They decided we should have a photo shoot in the downtown park of Huntsville.”

Once they got to the park, Wilson and Myers had no trouble displaying their affection for each other on camera.

“A lot of times, with younger couples, I have to coerce them to show affection,” Snell told “But these two? He just kept pulling her close. There was something magical about it.”

Many online couldn’t get enough of their love story.

Those who know the couple also sent their congratulatory messages.





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