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Asian Woman Has Issue with White-Owned Hip Hop-Themed Eatery Called ‘Me So Hungry’

A white couple’s new restaurant, named “Me So Hungry,” is causing an online debate. (Me So Hungry Facebook)

A white couple’s opening of a hip hop-themed breakfast eatery in Iowa has sparked backlash from an Asian woman because of its name.

Me So Hungry in West Des Moines is owned by Sarah Cattoor and Ryan Greening, a couple whose longtime dream of opening such a restaurant has finally come true, according to The Des Moines Register.

“It’s going to be a really fun place and all the [1990s] music will be family friendly,” Cattoor told the paper Wednesday, July 12, of the shop, which opens in August and will include items like Dutch baby pancakes, chicken and waffles and stuffed plantain fritters.

The name of the establishment is a play on the song, “Me So Horny,” by 2 Live Crew, which references a Vietnamese prostitute’s line in “Full Metal Jacket,” and an Asian woman named Fatima Diokno was unamused.

There also were Black people who took issue with the restaurant, apparently for “soul food appropriation.”

However, most Black commenters didn’t feel it was a fight for the community to take on.

“We have been fans of hip-hop music along with other genres for all of our lives and look forward to opening Me So Hungry,” Cattoor and Greening told The Huffington Post Monday.

“We welcome all varying views, and, in fact, you will likely find our views run very counter to many of the [racist] views we are being claimed to have. We encourage people to join us for breakfast and open up a productive dialogue about any issue.”


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