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Newly Signed Titan Ryan Logan’s First Official Act Is to Pay Off Brother’s $82K In Student Loans

Tennessee Titans defensive lineman Logan Ryan gave his brother the best gift a college alumni could receive — he paid off all his student loans.

Ryan recently signed a $30 million contract with the Titans after spending four years with the New England Patriots. Ryan decided as a token of his appreciation for all the things his brother, Jordan, has done to sign off on a $82,000 check.

“My brother, he’s texted me after every game, and he’s been on my side since I was little. He helped me put on my shoulder pads when I was little. And he’s never asked me for a dime,” Ryan said. “He’s never asked for money. He went to work every day, paid his loan and bills like everybody else and never once asked me for a penny.

“To be able to do that, it was the best feeling in the world.”

The football player made sure to make his Instagram followers aware of the burden of school loans.

Jordan, who obtained his engineering degree from Drexel University, was paying $1,000 a month on his loans and still had 10 years to go.

Ryan’s surprise left Jordan in tears.

“To see that reaction — I’d never really seen him cry before,” Logan said. “To see the amount of stress student loans can put on people, good people who work hard.

“To be able to free him up, it was an awesome moment. It’s something I’d been wanting to do for a long time.”

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