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Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan Will Bring Story of APS Cheating Scandal to Big Screen

Ryan Coogler (left) and Michael B. Jordan are working on their fourth film together. (Jamie McCarthy /WireImage /Getty Images)

Director Ryan Coogler and actor Michael B. Jordan are continuing their work together by exploring another real-life story, this time within the classroom.

The duo, which initially collaborated on “Fruitvale Station” in 2013, is set to helm “Wrong Answer,” a feature film based on an article in The New Yorker exploring the 2006 Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal. Best-selling author Ta-Nehsi Coates will write the script, according to Variety.

Jordan will star as math teacher Damany Lewis, who, along with a language arts teacher, changed answers on middle school students’ standardized tests to prevent the school from shutting down due to not meeting the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. Lewis, who ultimately lost his job, will act as a consultant on the film with Rachel Aviv, who wrote The New Yorker piece based on the scandal.

Eleven teachers were found guilty of federal racketeering charges in 2015, but some say the instructors, who are Black, were used as scapegoats, as a writer alleged.

“Scapegoating Black teachers for failing in a system that is designed for Black children, in particular, not to succeed is the real corruption here,” wrote Black educator Britteny Cooper. “There is no longer a consensus that a good public education — a hallmark of American democracy — should be considered a public good.”

It is unclear if Coogler, who also will produce the film in conjunction with Brad Pitt’s Plan B, will take that angle for his film.

“Wrong Answer” will be the fourth film Coogler and Jordan will collaborate on following “Fruitvale Station,” “Creed” and the highly anticipated “Black Panther,” which is due next year.

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