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Man Goes Ballistic at Chicago Starbucks and Demands Another to ‘Shut Up, Slave!’

A Chicago man has been charged after he verbally and physically assaulted bystanders after becoming enraged when coffee was spilled on him.

William Boucher, 23, faces three misdemeanor battery charges, Chicago police told ABC7 Eyewitness News, stemming from a caught-on-tape incident at a local Starbucks Tuesday, June 6. Boucher repeatedly called a Black patron who recorded him “slave” and referred to his family as cattle. Boucher, who allegedly spat on two witnesses, also accused the man of spilling coffee on his light-colored suit.

The man walked out of the coffee shop when Boucher followed him outside, screaming, “Hey, slave, come here!”

“Your children are disposable vermin!” he yells before someone pushes him away from the man taking the verbal beating.

“Shut up, slave! Do not talk to me!” he shouts at another Black man who attempts to intervene.

When Boucher hurls a loogie at the Black man recording him, the two begin to scuffle before the fight is broken up.

“Get on all fours right now! Get on all fours!” Boucher yells, “Do not walk off on two legs! You do not deserve to walk on two legs!”

Boucher started to leave the scene but not before he sucker punched someone who appeared to be a homeless man. The 59-year-old was later treated for an eye injury at a local hospital and witnesses rushed to tackle Boucher to the ground and waited for police to arrive.

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