The Internet Falls In Love with This 8-Year-Old’s Infectious Enthusiasm for Nature

A young future zoologist has captured the hearts of Twitter users in a video explaining nature’s wonders, leading his sister to start raising funds for his college education.

“If I tear one big chunk of wood off the tree, you’ll see some big ants with huge heads — those are the soldiers,” explains Aiden, 8, the brother of Broward County, Fla., resident Britney Cooke, in a Monday, June 5, video. “Or, [you’ll see] smaller ants that don’t have big heads or [big] abdomens.”

When Cooke shared a clip of Aiden discussing local trees, ants and golden snub-nosed monkeys, thousands of replies flooded her Twitter timeline.

Cooke later shared her brother’s YouTube page, Aiden the Zoologist, which now has nearly 25,000 subscribers. She and her parents decided to seize the opportunity by launching a GoFundMe campaign so Aiden “can be set in the future and choose from whatever college he dreams of attending,” which has a goal of $100,000.

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