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British Historian Reveals Racist Sentiments Held by Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s strong racial biases were revealed in a recent interview with British historian Sir Roy Strong.

Strong has published several books about his decades long relationship with the royal family. He claims he kept the Queen’s prejudiced thoughts a secret because he was very protective of her. Strong states that at one event, The Queen Mother leaned over to him and said, “Beware of the Blackamoors.” While the term Blackamoors has evolved in meaning over time, the British use of the term is considered a slur in reference to Black people of north Africa.

This is not the first time The Queen Mother’s racism has been brought to the public eye. In 2009, journalist Tanya Gold wrote about her experience with her. Gold said the monarch said that the Africans did not know how to govern themselves and what a shame it was that the British were not still looking over them.

In this Atlanta Black Star video, the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s racism is brought to light.

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