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Michigan Police Aim Gun at Innocent Boys Who “Fit the Description”

In this latest Atlanta Black Star video, a Grand Rapids, Mich., police officer is seen aiming a gun at a group of innocent boys because they “fit the description” of suspects the police were searching for.

The incident began when the police officer received a call stating that a teen had a gun during a fight at a basketball court. A witness gave a description of the teen to the police, who then began searching for the suspect. The officer spotted a group of young boys walking home and immediately stopped and exited his car. He is then seen aiming his gun at the boys and telling them to get on the ground. In the video, one boy can be heard pleading with the officer while the others try to calm him down.

It was later determined that none of the boys were involved in the fight or had a gun. Several days later, the actual suspects were arrested.

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